Special delegation of UN ambassadors visit Escuela Hogar del Niño in La Romana

A special delegation of 11 Ambassadors of the United Nations (UN) visited the facilities of the Hogar del Niño School in this city, on the occasion of the official trip that this mission has made to the Dominican Republic.

The group of UN diplomats was led by Mr. José Blanco, Dominican ambassador to the New York-based organization, and they were received at the Hogar del Niño by Mrs. Xiomara Menéndez Dájer, President of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental (PBO), an entity that brings together the educational, cultural and health programs that they have developed since their foundation 48 years ago and is sponsored by Central Romana Corporation. Mrs. Xiomara de Menéndez, founder and President Emeritus of the PBO, also participated, among other directors, teachers, tutors and staff of the Hogar del Niño.

The UN commission was made up of the Ambassadors of Bahrain, Benin, Slovenia, Greece, Guyana, Indonesia, Kuwait, Libya, Malta and Tajikistan.

Upon arrival, the delegation enjoyed a lunch of typical Dominican food and then took a tour of the Hogar del Niño school campus, an extensive and complete comprehensive center that provides quality and innovative education on a daily basis, nutrition (breakfast, lunch and dinner), psychological support, medical and dental care to more than 2,000 girls, boys and young people between 0-18 years old, from vulnerable communities; This is the only institution in La Romana and surrounding areas that offers an inclusive education integrating Deaf children and children with special needs.

“The Hogar del Niño is not only a safe space for the academic and personal formation of all our students, but we also try to strengthen in them the individual capacities that each one has and that empower them to be citizens with purposes for the good of their communities,” emphasized Xiomara Menéndez Dájer during the meeting.

The Hogar del Niño campus has a Children’s Room for newborns up to two years old, where they currently receive more than 250 babies, preparing more than 900 bottles daily; classrooms for the Initial, Preschool, Primary and Secondary levels. They also have the National School for the Deaf, where they comprehensively educate and train more than 70 students in sign language. The Hogar del Niño also developed the classrooms of the “Makerspace” center, a space for technological development in robotics, programming, digital design and 3D printers.

In addition, the Patronato Benéfico Oriental implements other social programs such as the PBO Technical Institute, designed to promote and develop the professional career prospects of young adults, from the age of sixteen; the Social Diagnostic Center, dedicated to service in the area of medical imaging diagnosis that has the most modern high-tech equipment, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and the PBO also has an educational scholarship program, managing to grant this benefit to 20% of the graduates of the Hogar del Niño school, who highlight their excellence by obtaining degrees with honors.

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