"Central Romana corporation
over a century of work and progress"

100 years of Central Romana


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Central Romana Corporation, Ltd., is an Agro -industrial and tourism company in the Dominican Republic. It began operations in 1912 producing sugar and has become the largest producer in the country. Central Romana Corporation was also a pioneer in the area of ​​tourism and free zones. In addition to sugar, Central Romana has diversified into the following areas: Chemicals, Free Zones, Livestock, Meat and Dairy Production, Construction materials, Iron, Airport and Port Operations, Real Estate and Hotels.

Central Romana is a clear example of how a company with its main activity being sugarcane planting and sugar production can diversify and form a well-established conglomerate. One hundred years of uninterrupted work, since it began operations in 1912, working towards the future, implementing important social programs in health, education, housing and food. This is why Central Romana invests and trusts in the Dominican future.

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