Central Romana donates 14 Houses for workers and their families.

Central Romana Corporation donated 14 houses in the neighborhood of Quisqueya in La Romana, as part of the corporate social responsibility actions that we have been developing for more than half a century for the benefit of our workers and their families.

Central Romana has developed 10 stages of the Quisqueya sector distributed in 35 blocks.

During a small ceremony, led by Eduardo Martínez-Lima Jr., Vice President of Administration and other executives of the company, all beneficiaries signed an owner’s contract and were also granted an interest-free loan to execute the completion details of the house.

“This housing donation program began more than 50 years ago and still today our company maintains this program because we feel grateful for the work effort, years of dedication and talent that you have committed to Central Romana,” said Eduardo Martínez-Lima Jr.

Jorge Sturla, Eduardo Martínez Lima and Eladio Uribe give Eunice Magra the contract of ownership of the house donated by Central Romana.

This project includes a total of 40 houses of the 10th stage in the Quisqueya sector, of which 24 homes have already been donated. The houses, built in concrete, have a distribution of three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and gallery.

Ms. Eunice Magra, who has worked as a nursing assistant at the Central Romana Medical Center for 36 years, thanked the corporation for her new home, adding that her children today are professionals thanks to her work and stability within the company.

Mr. Freddy Mejía thanks engineer Martínez-Lima for the donation of the house.

Another beneficiary was Mr. Freddy Ignacio Mejía, who has been working for 52 years in the railway operations department of Central Romana, and assured that he will no longer have to pay rent because “today thanks to God and the company, my family and I are going to have our own house and we are very happy about that.”

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