Central Romana finalizes milling season and announces payment of more than one thousand seventy million pesos to all its workers

Sugar cane loaders are used in the fields of Central Romana to make work more efficient


Central Romana Corporation, Ltd. announced that it will pay more than one thousand seventy-three million pesos (RD$1,073,190,832.00) in bonuses to all its workers after concluding the sugar harvest corresponding to the 2021-2022 period.

This amount is the highest payment that the company has delivered in its entire history, as part of the salary benefits to its workers and employees in the agricultural sector and the industrial area, through the collective agreement with its workers union Sindicato Unido de Trabajadores.

The mill reported that it produced some 394,000 short tons of sugar after completing a milling of more than 3,350,000 short tons of can. Also more than 152 thousand short tons of refined sugar and about 18 million 900 thousand gallons of molasses were produced in the 203 days of production.

With a maintained average yield of 11.75 percent in relation to its manufacturing process, the company was able to manage the demand for sugar in the entire national market.

“Thanks to the capacity and dedication of all our personnel in the field and the industrial area, we continue to lead the industry as the largest sugar producer in the country and one of the most important in the Caribbean,” highlighted the Administration. of Central Romana.

The company generates more than 20,000 direct jobs in the province of La Romana and the eastern part of the country, promoting various social responsibility programs for its communities in terms of health, education, housing, food and physical recreation.

The company recently received this year its fifth recertification in terms of social responsibility and environmental sustainability under the PROTERRA standard, managing to qualify under the seal of quality a scope that includes the production of cane sugar and its derivatives, covering everything from the planting process. and cut in the field in own farms and settlers, until its grinding in the sugar mill.

Likewise, the sugar produced by Central Romana has been certified since 2011 under the ISO-9001 quality control standard by the English firm Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

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About Central Romana

Established in 1912, Central Romana Corporation is the Dominican Republic’s largest sugar producer, recognized for its innovation in developing sugarcane varieties that thrive in challenging soil and weather conditions while being pest-resistant. With over 15 patented sugarcane types, the company serves both its needs and those of other regional sugar mills. Beyond its agro-industrial prowess, Central Romana has been a driving force in the Dominican Republic’s tourism sector, creating duty-free zones and resort hotels. Over a century, the company’s diversification spans chemicals, free zones, livestock, meat, dairy, construction materials, iron, airports, ports, real estate, and hotels. Furthermore, Central Romana actively participates in social programs related to healthcare, education, housing, and food, benefiting the Dominican Republic. The corporation has a diverse ownership structure comprising local and international shareholders.