Frequently Asked Questions

Central Romana Fields

How did Central Romana get its name?

Central Romana is named after the province of La Romana, that is located in the Dominican Republic.

What brands use Central Romana sugar?

Central Romana is a sugar supplier to many major global food brands, both internationally and of the Dominican Republic.

What is the history of Central Romana?

Central Romana Corporation, Ltd. is a Dominican agro-industrial and tourism conglomerate founded in 1912. It is the country’s largest sugar producer and a pioneer in tourism and free trade zone parks. Central Romana has diversified into a wide range of industries, including chemicals, livestock, meat and dairy production, construction materials, metals, airport and cruise ship port operations, real estate, and hotels.
The company has a long history of continuous operation and investment in the Dominican Republic. Central Romana is committed to the country’s future and implements important social programs in health, education, housing, food and sports.

Where is Central Romana’s headquarters?

Central Romana’s headquarters is located in the city of La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Central Romana - new Collective Labor Agreement

Who owns Central Romana Corporation?

Central Romana Corporation is owned by a diverse group of shareholders, comprising both local and international investors. The composition of the ownership base reflects the company’s status as a prominent player in the Dominican economy that plays a significant role in the economic and social development of the La Romana region. This diversified ownership model provides Central Romana with stability and opportunities for strategic partnerships, contributing to its ongoing success and sustainability in the market.

Tractor working in the fields of Central Romana

Why is Central Romana famous?

Central Romana is famous for being the largest sugar producer in the Dominican Republic and a major supplier of sugar to many well-known brands. This helps to boost the Dominican economy and provide jobs for thousands of Dominicans.They are also a pioneer in tourism and free trade zone parks in the country that has helped attract tourists and investment to the Dominican Republic. The company is committed to sustainability and to promote sustainable agriculture. Additionally, Central Romana has several social programs to help its workers and the communities in which it operates. These programs include providing healthcare, education, housing, sporting activities and food assistance.

Central Romana - sugar canes

What is Central Romana’s mission?

Central Romana’s mission is to produce sugar and other agricultural products in a sustainable and profitable manner, while contributing to the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic.