Inter – Divisional Baseball Tournament starts in the Central Romana Bateyes.

La Romana – The Central Romana Department of Sports Activities started their traditional Inter-divisional Baseball Tournament, held in different fields and bateyes, where players who participate are the company’s employees and children.

These baseball tournaments, among many others that are held by Central Romana, are in the male category with 175 participants.

It is called inter – divisional since it involves all 7 Agricultural Divisions of the sugar mill, called Higueral, Guaymate, Lechuga, La Higuera, Chavón Abajo, Cuya, Baiguá, thus promoting the integration of all residents in the sugarcane areas.

Central Romana funds all uniforms and props used by the sports teams, among other things. For the tournament, the teams are divided into two groups; north and east side, having a regular series of “all against all”. The first place winners in each region will participate in a semifinal of three games with the second place winners.

The winners of the semifinals in each area will then play in a final three-game series that will determine the tournament champion.

The Department of Sports Activities, headed by veteran PE teacher Arturo Morales, is a branch of the Vice President Public Relations office in Central Romana.

For nearly 30 years, Central Romana Corporation implements a sports program whose aim is to provide healthy recreations and entertainment to its workers, celebrating throughout the year several tournaments in disciplines such as baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball. These competitions take place in the courts located within the bateyes, either in mixed, male or female categories.