Important neurosurgery performed at Centro Médico Central Romana

Los neurocirujanos Kelvin Del Villar y Walí Rahman realizan una consulta postoperatoria a la paciente luego de la cirugiaLa Romana. – An important spinal surgery was performed with successful outcome to a 28-year-old patient by the team of neurosurgeons in the Medical Center of Central Romana.

The young Claudia Robles Barrot suffered a crushing fracture in her vertebrae with ligaments rupture in the column product of a traffic accident. By the type of injury, there were fears that it would cause a paralysis in the legs and prevent her from walking again.

However, with its fast entry to the hospital of the Central Romana and the intervention of doctors Kelvin del Villar and Wali Rahman, they managed to avoid she suffered future permanent damage and as of today recovers satisfactorily.

“They practiced a dorso-lumbar instrumented Arthrodesis with metal plates to fix the vertebra. It is a complex surgery that requires great precision. Fortunately the patient presented no neurological deficit or sensory loss. Therefore she can walk with capacity and full function of her limbs” explained Doctor del Villar.

Her internment in the Central Romana hospital was of just ten days, making quite proud the medical team that attended. “The recovery process has been very positive, she has had a rapid evolution that shows us the professionalism that our medical staff in our hospital has” said Dr. José López, Vice President of Health for Central Romana Corporation.

The surgery was practiced in one of the five operating rooms that the Centro Medico Central Romana boasts, equipped with the latest generation in medical technology including one Olympus Endo Alpha system or intelligent operating room for general surgery and laparoscopy.

The hospital has three levels, and a capacity of 100 beds distributed in comfortable private and semi-private rooms; two areas for intensive care and coronary intensive care with wireless telemetry, and a intensive care unit with immersion tub specialized for burned victims.

It also has its own Obstetrics Department with postnatal intensive care (NICU), a new and modern clinical laboratory, pharmacy services and emergency 24 hours, and a Diagnostic Center with X rays, ultrasonography, tomography, mammography, densitometry and MRI 24/7.

The hospital is supported by an ambulance service with three units. Each ambulance is assigned with a trained paramedic and each one has integrated an automatic defibrillator (AED).