About Us

About Us


Be a leading business group, a model for sustainability and inspire social values in the Dominican Republic and the region.



Generate economic and social value to our customers, shareholders and employees, through our relevant participation in the agricultural business, tourism and service sectors using world class practices and a high sense of commitment and integrity.



Team Effectiveness: Integrating our employees’ efforts, makes us more effective in achieving corporate objectives.

Quality and Efficiency : We offer products and services which exceed the expectations of our clients conditions, using the latest technology to ensure the optimization of our processes.

Leadership: Our philosophy and approach places us as one of the highest organization in the sectors in which we operate, status that we maintain thanks to our people.

Ethics: We are strict with our corporate principles and with our collaborators behavior, always attached to the moral and social norms.

Social Responsibility: We contribute to the overall development of the region and the country as part of our corporate culture.

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