CR completes successful sugar mill season and delivers $953 million pesos in bonuses

La Romana.- Central Romana sugar mill announced the production of more than 382 thousand short tons of sugar by completing its milling season of 2019-2020, after grinding more than 3 million 258 thousand short tons of sugarcane.

The company also reported that it delivered the payment of 953 million pesos in bonuses to all its employees, to whom they recognized their hardwork and dedication throughout this time of national and global pandemic.

This amount of almost one billion pesos is the second largest figure the company has given in its entire history.

“The Central Romana Administration values the efforts of its employees, who assume with great sense of responsibility their role within our company, and how they were especially involved during this milling season by working with determination during the coronavirus epidemic”, the company said in a press release.

While very strict prevention protocols and safety measures were implemented, the sugar mill managed to produce more than 131 thousand short tons of refined sugar and also produced 20 million gallons of molasses.

“Despite also that a severe drought has been affecting the Eastern region’s agricultural area, we were able to achieve a successful milling season by making our process more efficient and maintaining a stable and continuous supply to the national food chain,” the pres note said.

During last May, Central Romana reported that it obtained its third quality certification for production by being audited by PROTERRA in terms of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, thus meeting all the standards required by the firm Foodchain ID Certification.

Through its extensive social responsibility programs, the company invests in health, housing facilities, education, food, and sports recreation in pursuit of the development and well-being of its employees and the community.