Central Romana will pay sugarcane growers RD$2,450,000 million pesos

La Romana. – Central Romana Corporation started delivering the payment of two thousand four hundred fifty million pesos (RD$ 2,450,000,000) to its sugarcane outgrowers per more than 1.2 million short tons of cane served during 2016-2017 milling season.

Around six thousand outgrowers are being benefited with this amount, the highest that the company has ever paid throughout its history.

Central Romana finished the season with a grind of more than 3,520,000 short tons of sugarcane, for a total production of 379,724 short tons of sugar.

The company established a new record by producing 188,812 short tons of refined sugar, ensuring the stable supply of this product to the market at a national leve in the Dominican Republic.

There were also 23,727,400 million gallons of molasses produced.

The refined sugar production of Central Romana has ISO-9001 quality control certification since 2011 by the British firm Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

In 2017 the company and its outgrowers farmers were audited for the fourth consecutive year under the Pro-Terra standards in the agricultural process, seeking an assessment in all its supply chain from planting of sugarcane to sugar production, thus fulfilling its commitment in social responsibility.