Central Romana sugar mill reaches a production of 352,116 short tons of sugar

La Romana. – Central Romana sugar mill reached a production of 352,116 short tons of sugar, after achieving a grind of more than 3 million short tons of processed sugarcane in 184 days of harvest.

The company also announced that it produced more than 154,000 short tons of refined sugar, being the largest producer in the country, thereby fulfilling the demand of this product in the local market.

More than 20 million gallons of molasses were also produced during the milling season of 2018-2019.

The entire production of Central Romana, from the agricultural area to the manufacturing process, is certified under the PROTERRA standard in the field of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, which guarantees a quality seal on the sugar for all consumers.

The company also reported having advanced steps towards the certification of its operations under the BONSUCRO standard, a global nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable sugar production and its environmental impact.

Central Romana is the main private employer in the country, integrating some 25,000 workers in different businesses such as agriculture, meat and dairy production, tourism, real estate, materials for construction, airport and cruise port operations, among others, ensuring sources of employment and economic stability in the main provinces of the eastern region of the Dominican Republic.