Central Romana recognizes its sugarcane outgrowers

La Romana- The Central Romana sugar mill conducted an act of recognition to it sugarcane producers for their good performance and advance efforts in successfully completing the certification process that awarded the PROTERRA certification to the company in the field of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

During the activity, several certificates were given to recognize the colonies of Juan Evangelista Sosa, Maxant SRL, Alcides Jimenez, Año Nuevo, and Félix Luciano Palacio for the effort to ensure improvements in their operations and for the fulfillment of each requirement during the audit process.

The ceremony was held in the Community Center of the Batey Higueral of Central Romana, attended by more than 40 sugarcane producers.

Also received meritorious mention the farms of Kalil Haché, Pascual Santoni and Alberto Moisés Brador, for the exemplary maintenance of their sugarcane communities.

“For the administration of Central Romana and all the staff who worked alongside you during this important process, we are proud of having achieved this certification of PROTERRA. With this step we reaffirm every final consumer that our sugar is made, starting from the cultivation of sugarcane to the production at the factory, respecting all labor and human rights and with great quality of the product” emphasized Mr. Eladio Uribe, general director of Human resources in the company.

During the first trimester of 2018 Central Romana Corporation announced that it received a certification in the field of social responsibility and environmental sustainability under the standard PROTERRA, within a range that includes the sugar cane production and its derivatives.