Central Romana delivers $850 million pesos in bonuses to workers and employees

La Romana. – Central Romana announced the payment of $850 million pesos in bonuses to all employees and workers after concluding the sugar harvest for the period 2018-2019.

A press release sent by the company to the media pointed out that of the total amount delivered, about $420 million pesos corresponded to agricultural and field workers.

“It’s an important amount, as part of the commitment with our employees and the result of their work, considering the sugar mill ended its operations before schedule as a result of the drought that has been affecting the whole country” was expressed in the release.

Central Romana completed its harvest with a production of 352,116 short tons of sugar, after grinding more than 3 million short tons of sugarcane. It was also reported that it produced more than 154,000 short tons of refined sugar, achieving the ability to supply successfully with the local market demand.

The company is a source of employment for twenty-five thousand workers, generating a positive impact on the socio-economic development in the La Romana province and much of the eastern region of the country. Central Romana also develops an extensive program of corporate responsibility which encompasses health, with its own medical center, rural subcenters and medical mobile units; education, with an urban school and 59 schools in the agricultural area; housing facilities, food, and sports programs, among other important benefits for employees and workers.