Central Romana began the process of payment of 2.3 billions to its Sugar Outgrowers

La Romana. – Central Romana announced it began the process of payment of more than $2.3 billion dominican pesos to all its sugar outgrowers, after delivering sugarcane during the 2019-2020 period.

This amount, which exceeds by more than 300 million pesos the figure paid last year, corresponds to more than 1.1 million short tons of sugar cane that were processed in the Central Romana sugar mill, belonging to about six thousand settlers linked to the company for almost a century.

“We continue to promote a relationship thriving on work and growth in the farms of our sugar settlers, who are committed to managing the policies and actions that certify a sustainable process that meet the qualities of the PROTERRA standard”, Central Romana established in a press release.

Despite the current worldwide situation by the pandemic, last July the company announced that it concluded its milling season with a production of more than 382 thousand short tons of sugar, after grinding more than 3.2 million short tons of sugarcane.

Central Romana also accounted that it paid 953 million pesos in bonus to all its employees last July, upon whom they recognized their dedication and efforts during all this time of national crisis by COVID-19.