Almost 400 thousand short tons of sugar produced in 2020-2021

La Romana.- The Central Romana sugar mill announced a production of 396 thousand 288 short tons of sugar after finishing its 2020-2021 harvest and grinding more than 3 million 358 thousand short tons of sugarcane.

This figure exceeds by more than 14 thousand short tons the amount of 96 grade sugar produced last year.

According to a press release sent by the company, the manufacturing process maintained a final yield of 11.80 percent, thus achieving a stable production that guarantees the supply of sugar to the local market.

Central Romana also reported that it produced more than 162 thousand short tons of refined sugar and 21 million 764 thousand gallons of molasses during the 197 of the sugar harvest.

“We would like to express our satisfaction to all of our personnel, those working in the fields and in the industrial zone, for their commitment to work responsibly despite the challenges we are facing under this global period of pandemic, during which we have been able to maintain a continuous supply in the food chain for national consumption” referred Central Romana’s Administration in the press release.

Recently the company stated publicly, along with the other private sugar producers in the country, that sugar prices in the Dominican market are regulated by the Dominican Sugar Institute (INAZUCAR), and therefore denied any speculation in the increase of its cost.

Central Romana reported that in the upcoming days it will pay the corresponding bonuses to all its workers and employees, including its staff in the agricultural area, as a result of the recently completed sugar harvest.