18% Increase in Salary in New Collective Agreement with Workers Union

Central Romana and the workers union Sindicato Unido de Trabajadores signed a new Collective Agreement of working conditions, where a significant wage increase of 18% was agreed over the next three years, which will benefit more than 20,000 employees.

This labor pact, which has been renewed consistently in the past 60 years, provides for a first increase of 7% retroactive to December 1st of this year 2022, as well as 6 and 5% during the term of the agreement, until 2025; At the same time, it contemplates an equal proportion of increase in other benefits derived from the salary, including bonuses, vacations and incentives.

The agreements embodied in the new collective agreement will benefit workers in the industrial area as well as those in the agricultural area. Both parties also agreed to increase economic aid and wage advances in favor of workers due to marriage, birth of children and death of relatives.

“Today is a very important day because it is the culmination of a collective bargaining process, which brings with it a series of benefits in favor of workers. This new pact establishes general salary increases each year as the company has done in the last six decades, benefits that are always well above what is established by the country’s labor standards,” said Mr. Eladio Uribe, General Director of Human Resources of Central Romana.

Uribe also added that with this type of agreements or benefits, the company is clear that its human talent is its most important resource. That is why Central Romana reaffirms once again its commitment to the rights of each worker guaranteeing job stability, maintaining respectful relations and fair employment-employer relations.

On behalf of the workers union, the agreement was signed by Miguelito Das, Secretary General of the Sindicato Unido de Trabajadores and also members Luis Félix, Denis Roche, Jaime Martínez, Nicanor Peña Sena, Víctor A. Martínez, in addition to Próspero Juan, labor advisor of the union.

“We are very proud to represent a company that respects the rights of all workers. We will always support that every three years this type of negotiations are carried out where we are allowed to sit down and agree on benefits that suit us all” said Secretary General Miguelito Das.

For more than 60 years, Central Romana and the Sindicato Unido de Trabajadores have respected the agreements signed in each collective pact, offering an environment where the quality of life and development of employees prevail, who exercise their functions in conditions of freedom, equity and security.

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About Central Romana

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