Central Romana has begun an Electrification Project by installing Solar Panels in the homes of the Central Romana Agriculture Communities.

Central Romana installs solar panels in Agricultural Communities.

This sustainable energy plan began as a pilot program in June of 2022 in two houses of the Guazabal community and in two housing facilities for single workers, located in the agricultural division of La Higuera and finally extended it to the 33 homes in the community, benefiting directly 212 people.

Each home has four LED lights and connection outputs to recharge electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets, as well as the possibility to adapt to other electrical appliances.

Central Romana housing with solar panel in Agricultural Communities.

Pol White is one of the workers who received the installation of solar energy in his home and thanked the company for providing them with this system that will considerably improve the quality of life for him and his family, allowing its use as a means of communication, education and distraction for all of them.

In addition to the installation of the equipment in the homes of each worker, they are being provided with information related to the maintenance and proper care of the solar inverters in the house, making appropriate use of the time of energy consumption.

Central Romana Agricultural Community.

After achieving positive results with this pilot project, the Administration has decided that the residences that lack electricity will be equipped with the service, as part of the commitment to social responsibility that we have assumed for years, to continue raising the quality of life of the agricultural workers and their families.

This sustainable electrification project is part of the ambitious “Agricultural Communities Improvement Program” developed by the company since 2010, where more than USD$2 millions are invested each year for the conditioning, repair and maintenance of homes and other services in the sugarcane areas.

Central Romana installs solar panels in Agricultural Communities.

Within the improvement program, the agricultural communities of the company have a constant supply of chlorinated drinking water, sanitary services, storm drainage, community centers, cleaning and garbage collection, sports facilities, among other facilities that are provided free of charge by the company.

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