The Chamber of Deputies recognizes Central Romana for its 110 years of contributions to the eastern region and the country

Eduardo Martínez-Lima Jr. receives recognition for Central Romana from deputies Eduard Espiritusanto and Alfredo Pacheco


The Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic recognized Central Romana Corporation for its 110 years of foundation and its significant contributions to the economic and social development of the East region and the country.

During the event, the president of this legislative body, Alfredo Pacheco, emphasized that La Romana is a privileged province to have a company with over 110 years that has played a crucial role in the sustainable development of that area. On his part, Deputy Edward Espiritusanto, the proponent of the initiative, highlighted that the corporation has contributed to the progress and development of the state’s economy through its significant investments in the country.

He also mentioned that, besides sugar, Central Romana was a pioneer in tourism and free trade zones and has diversified into livestock, meat and dairy product processors, construction materials and iron production, as well as the operation of ports, airports, tourism real estate, and hotel industries.

At the end of the recognition ceremony, the Vice President of Administration of Central Romana, Engineer Eduardo Martínez-Lima, thanked Deputy Eduard Espíritusanto and Lic. Alfredo Pacheco for the honor of the recognition on behalf of all Deputies who form the chamber.

“We are honored and proud of the recognition bestowed upon us by the Chamber of Deputies for the legacy of work, development, and social responsibility that Central Romana has assumed in over 110 years since our foundation,” said Engineer Martínez-Lima.

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About Central Romana

The ceremony highlighted the significant contribution that Central Romana has made by generating more than 25,000 jobs for the population in the East region and other locations, connecting people with society and thereby achieving progress and development in the economy of the Dominican Republic. Additionally, Central Romana has implemented programs for community development with corporate social responsibility and sustainability covering the most essential aspects of the life and well-being of its employees. Over the decades, the company has executed significant actions in health, education, food, housing, and sports activities. It also carries out sustainability plans with the environment through its agro-industrial processes.

Central Romana was created in 1912 with the vision of being an agro-industrial and tourist company, starting its operations in the sugar industry, making it the largest producer in the nation. In addition to Pacheco and Espiritusanto, other participating deputies included Tonty Rutinel Radhamés Camacho, Enriqueta Rojas, Máximo Castro, Geraldo Casanova, Ignacio Aracena, Ramón Ceballos, Napoleón López, and Franklin Ramírez. Representing Central Romana, Eduardo Martínez-Lima was accompanied by the Director of Public Relations, Jorge Sturla, and Mr. Eduardo Vásquez.