MIR Charities conducted its 5th dental service mission for more than 500 students for free

La Romana. – More than 500 students, children and young adults from 5 to 20 years of age, received free dental care in a four-day mission organized by MIR (Mission International Rescue) Charities in this city.

The fifth MIR Dental Service was led by renowned New York dentist Dr. James Hudson, who also has as one of his regular patients Mr. Pepe Fanjul, distinguished sugar entrepreneur.

The medical team consisted of 17 American volunteers, including general practice dentists, root canal treatment specialists, dental surgeons and students of the School of Dentistry of Columbia University in New York, who worked at no cost for the patients.

Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, MIR Charities president and Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul, Executive Director, stressed the importance of continuing the dental service mission. “It’s a wonderful project that can only succeed thanks to the dedicated volunteers who are committed to improving the oral health care of all the children in MIR schools. We are grateful for the generosity of everyone involved ”

The medical services performed included tooth extractions, cavity fillings, root canals, surgery, and preventive care to maintain good dental health.

During the consultations, the majority of cases were diagnosed with a portable x-ray machine brought from New York. Dentists from La Romana and Santo Domingo also volunteered, such as Dr. Frank Acosta. The students also received lectures on dental care, sponsored by Smile Foundation and in collaboration with Colgate.

Mir Charities, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is planning to open a dental clinic that provides continuous assistance throughout the year to students.

In the past 25 years, MIR Charities has benefited more than 20,000 children and their families with the educational and health programs they have in La Romana.