Hogar del Niño School graduates 32 students and awards 9 full scholarships

La Romana. – The Hogar del Niño School celebrated its 7th high school graduation, giving diplomas to 32 students, and awarding 9 full scholarships to outstanding graduate students so they can continue their studies in one of the country’s universities.

The ceremony, which was held in the main hall of Club de la Costa in Central Romana, was led by Xiomara Menéndez Dájer, PBO President, and featured a special lecture by Mr. Juan Luis Lozada, Microsoft’s Regional Leader of Education, who was responsible of delivering a speech with words of encouragement to the graduating class.

The school, sponsored by Patronato Benéfico Oriental La Romana (PBO), was founded in 1976 as a small nursery /school for the Free Zone workers children*.

Thanks to the support and donations of corporations and individuals it has managed to become a school with more than 1,500 children from birth to age 18 who receive quality education, food, medical and dental care.

The most emotional moment during the graduation was when the names of the 9 students who received the scholarships were announced since 3 of them were a surprise thanks to the sponsorship of the Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Préstamos (APAP), represented by Michelle Disla, Social Investment Manager of the financial institution.

The Hogar del Niño School offers classes from nursery up to 12th grade, and has an informal education pavilion called “Green Zone” and a Cultural and sports pavilion.

Its programs are funded through private international (38.6 %) and national (14.7 %) donations. They also organize fundraisers such as Hogar del Niño Weekend in Casa de Campo, CDC Marathon for Hogar del Niño, etc. which grants them a 46.7 % contribution.

The activity ended with the graduates singing their class song, eating cake and toasting to all students and their families.