CR signed new Collective Agreement with Workers Union

Central Romana Corporation and its Workers Union signed a new collective agreement on labor conditions which includes an 18% wage increase over a period of three years that foresees a first general increase of 7% retroactive to August 16th of this year.

The new agreement will be effective until the year 2019 and carries similar proportion of increase in marginal benefits regarding annual bonus, Christmas bonus, holidays and incentives, as well asan increase between 15% and 23% in the payment of dietary in favor of the workers, the improvement in training plans and development of the personnel , as well as educational programs of the children of the employees.

In this new collective agreement programs were strengthen in the prevention of accidents and professional diseases, and increases between more than one 30% of social programs in favor of the workers relating to a death in the family, as well as a 25% and a 66% in those wage advances in cases of marriage and births of children.

It maintains heatlh services and transportation for those employees.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Eladio Uribe, General Director of Human Resources of Central Romana, and by the Mrs. Eunice Magra, Secretary General of the United Trade Union of Workers (Sindicato Unido de Trabajadores). Also took part by Union Members Adriano Laché Belén, Victor Alexander Martínez, Benito Luis, Miguel Das, Delecto Joseph, and Prospero Juan.

This instrument of labor conditions, between Central Romana and the Sindicato Unido, an institution that is composed of more than 16,000 workers, ratified its commitment to maintain the climate of mutual respect and harmony.

Eunice Magra, Secretary General of the Union, stressed out the good relations during the process of discussion that led to the signature of the Pact and the benefits that this represents for thousands of workers of the company.