Colonos de Central Romana reciben pagos por más de dos mil millones de pesos

La Romana. – Central Romana Corporation is paying its sugarcane out growers more than two-thousand four hundred and sixty seven million pesos per served sugarcane to the mill during the period of grinding in the 2017-2018 season.

Around six thousand settlers are being benefited with this amount, the highest recorded by the company in its history.

The payment corresponds to more than one million two hundred and sixty thousand short tons of sugar cane, according to the company.

Last June the company recognized several of its out growers for good performance and advance efforts in successfully completing the certification process that PROTERRA gave Central Romana in the field of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

In the last harvest the sugar mill had a grind of more than three million eight hundred and three thousand short tons of cane, for a production of more than four hundred twenty-nine thousand short tons of sugar, the second largest harvest of Central Romana historically.

In bonus to its employees, the company paid a thousand twenty million pesos (RD$ 1,020,000,000.00) after the end of harvest, the highest amount ever paid by that concept.