Central Romana donates 50 street lamps to the Santa Lucia community

La Romana. – The municipal district of Santa Lucia in El Seybo received a donation of 50 lamps from Central Romana, which will be installed for the lighting of the streets of this community.

Mr. Francisco Micheli, Vice President of Public Relations and Communications of the company, and Mr. Mariano Cedeño, Municipal Director of the district, participated in the delivery.

“We appreciate this valuable contribution provided by Central Romana, which has always been an ally of our province at every possible opportunity when they can provide a helping hand on behalf of our people of Santa Lucía” said Cedeño.

Francisco Micheli valued on behalf of Central Romana the donation “since it will be of great benefit to the inhabitants of Saint Lucia to have their streets lit up and more secure”.

The lamps donated are of the Smart Life brand, and are the same that are put to use in the electrical Department of Central Roman for outdoor lighting in the company’s properties.