Central Romana delivers historic bonuses to workers and employees

La Romana.- Central Romana Corporation delivered RD$1,020 million pesos on bonuses to all workers and employees, after the sugar harvest period of 2017-2018.

This amount is the largest bonus given by the company in all of its history, surpassing by more than one hundred million pesos the figure handed out last year.

The company pointed out that of the total amount, RD$540 million pesos were distributed to workers in the agricultural area. The remaining amount was paid to workers and employees in the industrial area and sugar production.

Recently Central Romana reported that it ended its harvest reaching their second highest milling record in the history of the company with 3,803,603 short tons of cane processed, for a total production of 429,328 short tons of sugar. Of that, 180,867 short tons of refined sugar were produced.

The company has always been in favour of improving the living conditions of their workers and employees developing important programs of corporate social responsibility for their well-being and that of their families, as well as the rest of the community.

In this regard, the company is also certified in environmental sustainability under the standard PROTERRA, under a quality label range that includes the production of sugar cane and its derivatives.

Also the company makes important investments in health, providing medical assistance in its modern hospital, but also sustains two medical subcenters in the sugarcane areas, and provides preventive health care through several mobile medical units that run on a daily basis the different agricultural divisions of the company.