Central Romana celebrates Inter-Bateyes baseball tournament

La Romana. – With 32 participating teams and more than 800 players, the Sports Department of Central Romana celebrated its traditional baseball tournament Inter-Bateyes carried out in the sugarcane communities of the company.

The inter-batey modality is set between the seven agricultural divisions of Central Romana, composed by Higueral, Lechugas, Guaymate, La Higuera, Chavon Abajo, and Baiguá.

Professor Arturo Morales, the department’s coordinator of sporting activities in the sugar company, stressed that each division holds a regular series each against all. “Then there will be held a three-game semi-final series, and then the end of that division, whose winning team confronts the winning team of the respective divisions remaining” highlighted Morales.

Each agricultural division of Central Romana has an employee who is appointed sports promoter for the bateyes belonging to that community, and among its many responsibilities is to motivate and integrate employees to participate as players.

“The company facilitates every team with the utilities and the uniforms” said Morales before handing out the baseball gloves, bats, helmets, balls, and catcher’s uniform to the promoters of the divisions.

“As we celebrate this baseball tournament, our department also coordinates competitions in basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer, integrated by employees of the company and also their children in youth categories” stressed Arturo Morales, who is a recognized physical education coach and has been exalted to the National Sports Hall of Fame and the Sports Hall of the Fame in La Romana.

He announced that the next baseball tournament will be Inter-divisional Little League, aged between 11 and 14 years old. Approximately 210 young players participate, which reside in the agricultural areas of the company.