Verde Romana

El DIA newspaper. – The sugar business, which still reflects current social, political and legal realities, was reviled by times some decades ago and criticized by trade unionists and environmentalists; mostly by faults of the CEA (the Dominican government-operated sugar mill council)

Today, among the private companies that continue the centuries-old tradition of Dominican sugar, two of them have exceeded those old problems.

But it is also that they are exemplary leaders in corporate social responsibility. For example, Central Romana recently received renewed certification of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, by the independent international Foundation ProTerra.

This endorsement certifies that in Central Romana sugarcane and its by-products production complies with the best standards of sustainability, without the use of genetically modified organisms or agricultural or industrial harmful practices.

This prestigious certification speaks for itself about how wrong are the many usual suspected enemies of the national industry, blind to the new realities of the Dominican business environment.

I am glad to congratulate Central Romana for this recognition, its owners and top executives to its most humble collaborators, all committed to a success with excellence.

This article was published by writer José Báez Guerrero in the EL DIA newspaper.

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